NIC CLARK STARTUP ACCELERATOR BOOMIN' NIC CLARK Nic Clark is an Executive Property Investor in the United Kingdom. After creating a successful multi-million dollar property investment company, he decided he wanted to help others within the property niche by creating a property coaching business. This is where Level 7 [...]

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SIXPACK SHORTCUTS (SIXPACKABS.COM) LEVEL 7 OPTIMIZATION SHAPING SIXPACK SHORTCUTS Sixpack Shortcuts is an online fitness company with their core products being fitness supplements and workout/nutrition programs. Our main focus at Sixpack Shortcuts was to create innovative banner ads, landing pages, and various split tests - with one thing in [...]

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GYMVERSUS EMAIL MARKETING & PAID ADVERTISING GROWING GYMVERSUS GYMVERSUS is a lifestyle apparel brand with a focus in the fitness industry. Level 7 Labs' main focus was to increase sales while generating more leads. By incorporating email marketing and paid advertising, Level 7 Labs helped GYMVERSUS increase their emails by 3,117% and [...]

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