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Thrive Financially With us

Ambassadors are key players at Resync. You’re in charge of growing Resync with your network, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. When you do spend time referring people to our Resync product, we’ll thank you in cash.

To get started, fill out the form below to apply to ambassador program:

To get started, fill out the form below to apply to ambassador program:

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Benefits of Becoming A Resync Ambassador

  • Earn up to $18 for every sale you refer, and up to $54 for each upsell product they purchase.
  • Each time your customers takes an upsell or returns to buy more Resync products, we’ll pay you a commission for your referral.
  • Timely bi-weekly or monthly payouts with paypal, check or ACH deposits.
  • Take Home Extra Bonuses. We’ll also celebrate milestones with cash bonuses to our top performing affiliates on the month.
  • Complimentary Affiliate-Only Material
  • Get advanced insight on new and upcoming product releases
  • Exclusive access to our resource center
  • EXCLUSIVE custom design landing pages for qualified social media influences for impactful marketing efforts.
  • Free monthly product of Resync, with the guarantee that as an ambassador you will post weekly on your social media about Resync (via pictures, videos, testimonials of your clients, or any success stories) and that you are contributing to sales via your referral link.

Ambassador Commission Payout Structure

Percent commission will vary from ambassador to ambassador (largely based on your social media presence) and will be discussed with Barbara Depta, our CEO, personally.

In order to sustain being an ambassador, after three months, several sales need to be coming from your account or your social media needs to have over 10,000 followers. It will be ultimately up to Resync’s team to determine whether or not someone remains an ambassador after that period of time.

If a client is referred that is eligible for wholesale pricing, ambassador will be eligible for up to but no more than 5% commission.

Resync Affiliate Program FAQ

How does the program work?

The Resync Ambassador Program allows you to earn commission off of every sale generated through your network. When you refer a customer to us, and that customer makes a purchase with your exclusive promotional link, we say THANK YOU by giving you a commission. How do people receive their product? We take care of processing, fulfillment and customer service. We say thank you by sending you your commissions directly via check,  direct deposit, or wire transfer. It’s that easy. Lifetime commissions will be paid out on subscriptions, meaning you will get paid each and every month for subscribers you referred for the lifetime of their subscription.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

The program is powered by AffiliateWP tracking software using our WooCommerce E-commerce system. AffiliateWP uses a unique link for each partner to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places and credits commission to your account. This process is absolutely automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Nothing. Nada. Joining up is FREE.

How do I set up an account?

Once you have applied to be an affiliate using the form above and your request is accepted, account set up is super easy. All you need to sign up is to have an email address, your SSN or EIN number for 1099 tax reporting, and submit it with the form above in the correct field. After a review from our affiliate manager, you will receive email with your password and steps to successfully promote Resync products.

Can I take the order on my website?

No. We want to ensure your visitors get the most up-to-date information and ordering options available from In addition, a customer’s contact and billing information are crucial to our ability to offer excellent customer service. Let Resync take care of everything, then sit back and enjoy the benefits.

How do I qualify?

Anyone may submit an application; however, we are seeking passionate members in the fitness/wellness community with an active social media presence. We do reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke membership any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or sites with little or no original content.

How do I get started?

  1. Go to the Signup Form above
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review your information
  4. Once you are accepted, you will be sent a confirmation email and will be able to log in to your own affiliate panel and get started with promoting Resync products and collecting your commissions. You’ll also get a link to an Resync Ambassador resources page to help you get more out of your efforts!
  5. Place some of these banners/links to the Home page of your website or post through your social channels, to increase your sales
  6. Receive commission from every sale!

Important Note

We at Resync want to make sure that anyone involved in promoting our products is familiar with basic FTC advertising principles.
The FTC has taken action not just against supplement manufacturers, but also, in appropriate circumstances, against ad agencies, distributors, retailers, catalog companies, infomercial producers and others involved in deceptive promotions.
Therefore, all parties who participate directly or indirectly in the marketing of Resync dietary supplements have an obligation to make sure that claims are presented truthfully and to check the adequacy of the support behind those claims.
Thank you for your support.
Team Resync
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