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Ladies, Let’s Talk Aging And Supplements

Let’s face it...getting older is a challenge for everyone, and arguably a greater challenge for women than men. In addition to the physical and physiological changes related to aging and altered hormones, women also face the cultural pressure to never age, and in this economy, are often laboring on both home and career fronts. That said, women are playing and working harder, as they live healthier, more vital lives than ever. We do more and want more...and we need our bodies to feel energized to be able to keep up with us as we get older!

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Do You Truly Know What’s Inside Of Your Supplements?

On November 20, 2017, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “New Evidence for Critics of Weight-Loss and Sports Supplements”, addressing some serious safety concerns that the FDA has with supplements that are widely available to the public online, and in nutritional and grocery stores. As you can imagine, as an owner of a high quality supplemental company, this article got my attention. I always ask my clients, especially the professional athletes I work with, “Do you truly know what’s inside of your supplements?”

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Does Tom Brady negatively affect berry consumption in US?

Tom Brady is an outstanding athlete, who is highly respected not only by his New England Patriot fans, but also by sports fans and people all over the world. Recently, Brady's diet has received a lot of attention, but some health experts are questioning the lack of fruits in it. You would probably agree with some of the top doctors and researchers that any diet, which eliminates fruits, due to their sugar content will create some health gaps.

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Essential Tips To Enhance Athletic Recovery – Resync Your Body

If you are an athlete, coach or a parent of an athlete, these few tips should become part of your athletic recovery routine, if you want to take your performance to the next level. Any top professional or Olympic athlete will tell you that his or her performance improves, when they start paying attention to the quality and quantity of their recovery.

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