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Calcium Fructoborate Powder


Calcium fructoborate, a natural sugar-borate ester found in fresh fruits and vegetables, is a natural source of soluble boron. At the cellular and molecular level, calcium fructoborate has been demonstrated to be superior to boric acid/borate, exhibiting a complex “protective” effect against inflammatory response. It provides effective and safe support against joint discomfort and lack of flexibility associated with arthritis and joint problems. Furthermore, oral administration of calcium fructoborate is effective in ameliorating symptoms of physiological response to stress, including inflammation of the mucous membranes, discomfort associated with osteoarthritis disorders, bone loss, and also supporting cardiovascular health. Clinical studies have exhibited the ability of calcium fructoborate to significantly modulate molecular markers associated with inflammatory mechanisms, mainly on the elevated serum levels of C-reactive protein.


  • Improves Joint Health and Flexibility
  • Prevents Bone Loss
  • Reduces Serum Level of C-Reactive Proteins

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