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Collagen Peptide molecular structure


Collagen is known as collagen peptide, collagen hydrolysate, purified gelatin or type II collagen (one of the main proteins in joint cartilage). This is a novel nutritional bovine ingredient. It is enriched in amino acids, which play an important role in building of joint cartilage and exhibit potential anti-inflammatory benefits. It demonstrates significant benefits in attenuating joint discomfort and alleviating joint inflammation.

Research has demonstrated that collagen peptide can significantly prevent the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain by stimulating the production of joint collagen. A large body of evidence has suggested that autoimmune diseases like arthritis may be treated by taking a foreign antigen (a substance that modulates your immune system to react to it) by oral consumption, which may significantly alter your immune system’s reaction—a mechanism called ‘oral tolerance’. Taking collagen by mouth may introduce some immunological reactions which can substantially reduce joint inflammation in body and create oral tolerance to these antigens, reducing the effects of inflammatory arthritis. Collagen is well tolerated and no major side effects have been reported.


  • Improves joint and connective tissue health
  • Helps to reduce Inflammation
  • Increases mobility

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