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Our Journey

The Inspiration & Obstacles

Barbara Depta’s journey began as a young girl growing up in Poland. It started with an athletic injury, which actually strengthened her commitment to athletics and led her to become one of the word’s most renowned trainers for some of the world’s most talented athletes. Using all of her considerable experience she discovered something vital: recovery is central and key to athletic success.

As an 8 year-old gymnast, Barbara broke her elbow while training. The injury was serious, but the doctors who treated her did not handle it correctly. The result? Her left arm had permanent limitations in its range of movement. This meant the end of gymnastics.

However, it did not stop Barbara from competing. In fact, she became even more passionate about athletic competition. She would later play basketball at the University of Physical Education in Krakow, where promising athletes were able to grow, both in their sport and academically. It was a combination of her love for sports and competition, along with a desire to learn, understand, and overcome her own injury, that led Barbara to the health and fitness field, focusing on flexibility and structural balance.

She had always dreamed of working with top-level professional athletes, helping to raise their performance levels. Based on her experience in sports and injuries, Barbara knew there was a lot to learn moving forward.

Valuable Experience

For years, Barbara underwent both physical and intellectual training, which helped in her quest to become a top performance coach. She made a decision to move to the US to expand both her studies and training program.

The decision paid off. Barbara has, indeed, worked with athletes from many professional leagues and organizations, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA and LPGA Tours, NHL and UFC.

Barbara has had the honor of traveling with a team of top professional athletes as a structural balance and flexibility coach. She began to examine not only their physical output – their workouts, practices and games – but their recovery processes, as well. It became clear, even at the highest level, most athletes weren’t doing all they could to recover effectively and efficiently.

Few were aware their training regimens were missing several key elements, and their nutrition and supplement regimens could be significantly improved as well. And most didn’t realize how much it was impacting their recovery and, ultimately, their performance.

Supplements are Critical

Over time, Barbara interviewed many professional athletes about their nutritional habits, their recovery time, the challenges they face and their athletic goals. She had come to realize that supplements, like food, are vital for supporting optimal health, athletic recovery and to perform at the highest level.

She understood what kind of supplements athletes need, but also realized this need was not being fulfilled. What athletes need did not exist.

She decided she was going to take matters into her own hands and create her own product line. She wanted to make certain the ingredients would accomplish what she had in mind.

So, Barbara hired a clinical nutritionist and several researchers to assist her. She traveled the globe to learn from growers. She attended seminars. She was exposed to new research and ingredients not widely known or used in the US. She was convinced she was onto something powerful, investing more of her own money and time to keep learning and to help make her dream a reality.

Unfortunately, life threw her a curve ball. Tragically, and unexpectedly, her mother passed away, and everything stopped. But only for a period of time. She took her mother’s strength and power, and her own grief, and used it to refocus, and to move forward with more passion and purpose than she had before. She regrouped, worked on a formulation, performed product testing and worked toward NSF SPORTS certification.

Meeting of the Minds

When Barbara Depta met food researcher and scientist, Dr. Christina Beer, they immediately realized they were on the same wavelength.

They both believed they could use their unique expertise to collaborate and develop a product aimed at both professional athletes and weekend warriors. A product for those who want to perform at their best and refuel their bodies with the essentials to support recovery of every system in the body at the deepest level. She wanted something that could support athlete’s connective tissue recovery, as well.

Barbara and Christina already knew they could help athletes with recovery by using nitric oxide for its vasodilation benefits, addressing blood vessels, the heart and the entire endothelial system. They set their sights on the pliability of the vascular system to deliver nutrients to the entire body, while supporting healthy inflammatory response due to exercise.

In simpler terms, they understood that an athlete’s muscle recovery only takes place if nutrients are delivered on the cellular level, and they knew their product could improve that delivery in a big way.

After in-depth discussions, the benefits of nitric oxide in beet root extract was clear to both. Importantly, they also knew they could take their concept to a higher level with a major boost to the N-O component by including a new ingredient, red spinach. They were both also aware of emerging clinical research, which shows Aronia berries benefit endothelial health, have a positive effect on oxidative stress and on inflammatory markers. So their product concept grew in stature to include more than the benefits of vasodilation and heart health.

They continue to develop different blends of ingredients to support daily vitality, and athletic recovery.

Your Body is Your Temple

Barbara has always had a commitment to help athletes recover and perform at the highest level. She’s dedicated her life to it.

She knows these goals can be more efficiently accomplished with her intelligently formulated proprietary supplement blend and with the experience she has accumulated since she was a young athlete.

Barbara wants you to recover faster and more fully so you can train harder and perform at your best. To close the gap between tired and “ready to go.” To improve your recovery and ultimately your performance. Most importantly, she wants you to become a healthier you.

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