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Our Philosophy

An under-recovered athlete becomes an injured athlete

Our Philosophy can be summed up with this phrase: “An under-recovered athlete becomes an injured athlete.”

From our point of view, contrary to what many believe, there is more to recovery than simply electrolytes and hydration.

We want to take athletic recovery to the next level. As a fascia stretch specialist, Barbara Depta, the founder of Resync, cares what happens to an athlete’s body at its deepest levels.

For example, most people do not absorb water deeply enough into their layers of connective tissue, so water that’s consumed exits their body fairly quickly through urination.

We have a commitment to support endothelial health as well as the health of every system in the body at once. Our objective is to help every athlete recover in a safe, effective way.

Our priorities include supporting blood flow and healthy inflammatory markers due to exercise, which are the keys to athletic recovery.

Today, professional athletes are challenged by crazy schedules, unending travel, the number and frequency of training sessions as well as scheduled opponents. Consequently, athletes need to pay attention to their recovery quality in order to perform at optimal levels.

Many manual techniques are available to improve recovery and to increase local circulation such as hot baths, massages and myofascia release sessions.

Now we want to make sure athletes have the opportunity to support their recovery with an effective and extraordinary supplement line.

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