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Resync Sachets


Ten portable single-serving sachets, so athletes can get the recovery benefits of Resync anywhere, anytime. While other brands merely focus on Nitric Oxide to support the circulatory system, Resync offers additional benefits. Our super-blend formula includes unique ingredients that support a healthy inflammatory response due to exercise.* The result is more effective athletic recovery.

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• Supports vasodilation for healthy blood flow*
• Promotes oxygenation*
• Potent antioxidants*



Mix in 16oz. of water. Shake/Stir well. For best results consume within 30 minutes of any athletic activity. Do not exceed more than 3 servings of Resync within 24hrs.

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3 reviews for Resync Sachets

  1. J_Mitchell

    I would recommend this to a friend. I saw an increase in focus and concentration, as well as a decrease in muscle soreness.

  2. Risa Stecko

    Resync is easy to mix and drink. It is not clumpy or chunky in the last few sips. The flavor is better than most post workout supplements I’ve tried. I love that it is non gmo, gluten free, 100% natural, and no artificial sweeteners! Also no cramping after a round of golf.

  3. UGA Trainer

    I like the results and taste. Resync helped with muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and joint mobility.

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